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Young Toddler


Our young toddler room is spacious and is setup for young children to learn and explore on their own with adult supervision. Each room is mapped out in learning centers that include dramatic play, blocks & transportation, science & discovery, math, literacy, and so much more!

1 Year to 2 Years

Young toddlers need love and rely on responsible adults to care for them. Stimulation and interaction with young toddlers will help them to thrive. It will also support their curiosity. Young toddlers in our program will gain security and trust through the care & comfort we will provide.
Young toddlers are encouraged to explore & discover their surroundings. They will participate in storytelling & fingerplays, singing & dancing, as well as dramatic play. They will also experiment with sand and water.  We will promote self-selected activities chosen by the child based on their curiosity and development.
Programs and Curriculum
A+ Academy provides educational childcare services that inspire a lifelong love of learning with a world-class curriculum and a strong foundation for the future. We provide a wholesome, nurturing environment that is essential to the learning process. We strive to develop each child’s self-confidence, personal creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We provide each child with the experience to learn in a way that works for the unique individual they are. The children then live what they learn; making the lessons become a part of who they are.
Infant Program
6 weeks to 1 year of age
Our infant program focuses on each individual growth and development. Our daily activities promote cognitive, social and emotional, and physical development. Our friendly staff will encourage language development by talking with our infants throughout their daily experience!
​Our infant classroom is setup like a nursery and includes cribs, a diaper changing station, soft area, and safe play area.